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Jukasa Vapor Products - E-Liquids
Jukasa Vapor Products - E-Liquids Jukasa Vapor Products - E-Liquids


Premium ingredients specifically developed to be inhaled,
 our E-Liquids are a step above the rest.

We only use grade L-Nicotine, the same used in premium patches & gums. Our glycerin is sourced from Malaysian Palm, so peanut allergies are not an issue. Our e-Liquids are a step above 'food grade'; they are also Kosher grade, diacetyl free, and contained in child proof bottles.

Jukasa Vapor Products - Enjoy More

Enjoy More

Everything about Jukasa is More... except the price.

At 25 to 30% less than other leading brands there's even more reason to enjoy a Jukasa.
Jukasa Vapor Products - Enjoy More

More Flavor

Highest quality ingredients, a step above food grade.
Jukasa Vapor Products - Enjoy More

More Liquid

Larger volume sealed for ultimate freshness.
Jukasa Vapor Products - Enjoy More

More Blends

Create your own blend by mixing one of our many flavors.

... and 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Experience Vaping Like Never Before

with our 70% PG and 30% VG ratio - specially designed to mimic that same feeling you get from smoking tobacco

For customers looking for an alternative to smoking cigarettes, Jukasa e-Liquid Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin ratio delivers the most satisfying experience to new e-smokers. Our blend of PG and VG produces a satisfying throat hit, while maximizing the flavour. Jukasa e-Liquids provide the closest experience to smoking a consumer can get.

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Create virtually any custom blend by mixing flavors!